Import items

Items are parsed from your external JSON file by command. This command should run as cron each 15 minutes. The command prevent import items imported before timeout.

php app/console mautic:recommender:import --type=items`  


  • --batch-limit=100 (default) recommended

  • --timeout='-1 day' (default) timeout before update product

Update items

Setup cron every hour or less for update items.

JSON format example

    "itemId": 13807,
    "price": 29,
    "product": "Name of product",
    "category": "Electronics",
    "image": "http://domain.tld/image.jpg",
    "url": "http://domain.tld/link-to-item"
    "itemId": 13808,
    "price": 39,
    "product": "Name of product 2",
    "category": "Cell Phones",
    "image": "http://domain.tld/image.jpg",
    "url": "http://domain.tld/link-to-item"

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