Mautic Recommender

Mautic Recommender Bundle

Mautic for e-commerce
The first product recommendations engine for Mautic.
Increase your customer satisfaction and spending with product recommendations. Applicable to your home page, product detail, cart page, emailing campaigns, dynamic content and much more.

How it works

Recommender combine contacts/items data and interactions between both..
That means:
    track contacts and contact activities
    collect data about your items
    you should track interactions between your contact's and items (detail view, add to cart, purchase etc.)

What plugin do?

    Recommendations based on contact interactions
    Abandoned cart
    Frequently bought together
    Customers who viewed this item also viewed
    Special offers and product promotions
    Related to this item
    Customers who bought items in your cart also bought
    Recently viewed items and featured recommendations
    Category best sellers
    Most wished products
and much more...


E-Commerce, Real Estate, E-learning, Job boards, HR Apps, Travel, Articles, Videos, Music, Cultural events etc.

Which channels do you support?

    Focus (popups)
    Dynamic content
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